Quick Pickled Red Onions

I loooooove vinegar- anything sour, really. So when I received some beautiful, large Weck jars as a wedding shower gift last year, I learned how to “quick” pickle vegetables and haven’t needed store-bought since! I love knowing exactly what goes into them, especially because it’s hard to find them without added sugar. I have found that home-made have so much more flavor! This recipes subs traditional white granulated sugar out for pure maple syrup, which lends a tiny bit of sweetness without overpowering the bite of the vinegar that I love so much. I have these big boys at home, but any kind of canning jar will work!

Making these is so easy and fun, and having vibrant, flavorful pickled veggies on hand makes dressing salads, tacos, breakfast sandwiches, etc. up so easy! I call it “quick pickling” because it doesn’t involve the whole canning process (putting jar in boiling water to seal out excess air). I love this method because whatever you’re pickling is ready to enjoy as soon as the next day! They keep for about 2 weeks, although my pickled red onions never last that long.

You can apply this method to just about anything- Jalapenos, cucumbers… even carrots, green beans, or cauliflower! You can play around with different spices such as turmeric, and add fresh or dried herbs. You will be amazed at how easily these quick pickled red onions come together and how fancy they make your meals look!




Quick Pickled Red Onions

3 medium-sized red onions

1 C distilled white vinegar

1/2 C water

1 T salt

1 t black peppercorns

3  cloves garlic

3 T pure maple syrup


Slice onions and add to jar. Add vinegar, water, salt, and peppercorns to  medium sauce pan and bring to low boil. Peel garlic cloves and add to boiling mixture, turn off heat, and add maple syrup. Let cool for 5 minutes.

Pour mixture over sliced onions. It should completely cover the onions. If you’re a little short on liquid, add more vinegar.

Seal tightly and store in fridge. You’ll notice the liquid turns a vibrant red and this is how you know they’re ready to enjoy!

Tip** I usually try to make these a couple days before I want to use them, but they should be good 24 hours after making.


Ice Tray Herbs

I may be happily rushing into Fall with my chunky sweaters and blanket scarves without looking back, but I will miss having fresh herbs around. I have tried growing them inside in the cooler months, but the small amount of natural light we get in our current place isn’t up to my plants’ high standards, so I had to get creative. If you’re looking for a way to capture any fresh herb’s fresh, vibrant flavors without drying them, HAVE I GOT A SOLUTION FOR YOU.

Making ice tray herbs is one of my favorite tricks for many reasons:

  1. I hate tossing food, and this is a great way to save herbs from going in the trash
  2. Fresh herbs get pricier when the weather turns, so this trick saves $$
  3. Combining herbs with oil makes for a great soup starter, can be tossed in skillet when searing meat, etc.
  4. You can make them whenever you have extra herbs around, and separating them into Ziploc bags and labeling them greatly satisfies my mild OCD

rosemary 2

All this kitchen hack requires is an ice cube tray, some extra virgin olive oil, and whatever extra fresh herbs you have laying around. I have done this successfully with rosemary, thyme, and parsley. You can try this with any herb, but I would probably stay away from cilantro. Cilantro is good on virtually anything, so using it up fresh should never  be an issue 😉


I don’t have a recipe because this one is easy, so here are the steps:

  1. Start with a clean ice cube tray
  2. Wash and gently pat herbs dry and give a rough chop
  3. Fill each cube with about 1 t of fresh herbs
  4. Top fresh herbs with EVOO and place in freezer for about 2 hours, or until they easily pop out of tray
  5. Transfer ice tray herbs to Ziploc bags (labeled, so you know what they are in a couple months)
  6. Toss into anything that needs a fresh herb boost! Can be thawed in microwave if you want in liquid form to brush on meat

**Tip: Use within 6 months for best flavor

You’ll thank yourself later, trust me. Enjoy!